I am Thomas Schweitzer

Name: Thomas Schweitzer

Location: Vienna / Mondsee, Austria

Contact: Click here


Age: 47 years
Playing piano: 44 years
Lecturer and Teacher: 31 years (on and off)
Keyboarder in the band "PGP": 27 years
Software Developer: 26 years
PM, PO, Manager, CTO, CEO: 20 years
Father: 17 years
Mobile App Publisher: 9 years
About me

Hey there, welcome! My name is Thomas, and I've been doing a lot of things in the past.

I worked as software developer, project manager, Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner, musician, department head, CTO and CEO of companies from ranging from 1 (myself) to 105 employees, as well consulting clients in many different industries, being a lecturer on various universities and private educational institutes ...

What I'm trying to say is this: It's hard for me to guess what might be revelant and interesting to you on this single page.

That's why I kept it very short. So, here is what I would suggest instead: Get an overview to see what I'm about, then send me an email and we hop on a quick call and talk about what we could accomplish together.

Sounds cool?

Talk soon,


Here are some of the projects I have been involved with:

Mobile App Development

Currency Converter

Development, publishing, 2.5 mio organic users, 200k monthly active users, before being sold off.


CTO - plazz entertainment

Chief Technical Officer for German game development startup "plazz entertainment". Developed technical concept and led implementation of the browser-based Youth Community AT.LANT.IS / Pyrolab.


Couplific Therapy App

Concept, design, development and publishing of a gamified couples therapy app.
Funded by AWS Austria Wirtschaftsservice.


Production Director - Rockstar Games

Responsible for the production department at Rockstar Vienna (15 persons - project managers, QA managers, testers). GTA 3, GTA Vice City (Xbox ports), Manhunt 2

Audio Production

NĂ– Jagdverband Opener

Composition, sound design and production of an audio signation / opener.

Live Band

Keyboards, Band Leader @ PGP

Playing together since the first rehearsals in Thomas Lang's garden shed in 1995 until today.
Funk, Soul, HipHop, Pop covers.
Don't forget to check the microphone!


"Newsgames" @ FH Wien

Gamification Lecturer for "Newsgames" and "Game Design and Prototyping" for the "Content Production and Digital Media Management" bachelor studies

Mobile App Development


Development of a full featured mobile content publishing solution for the Volksoper - offering ticketing, digital purchase of theatre programme booklets, free downloads of the "Volksoper Zeitung" magazine.


Teach Me Tom

Founder, online course creator and marketer for the "30 Day Java Challenge".
Prerecorded videos, interactive coding workbooks, weekly live mentoring calls.


monozweier Podcast

Co-host, audio production of 18 episodes

Mobile Games

Publisher 50+ Mobile Games

Outsourced and published more than 50 casual games for the Apple App Store.


Mobile App Curriculum @ SAE

Curriculum creator for "Mobile App Development" blended learning at the SAE Institute Vienna. Lecturer "Java programming 101", "iOS Development", "iOS Development Advanced"